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Brazilian Blowout vs Keratin

Which is best for you ?

1.Best Candidates


keratin treatment will calm unruly hair, creating a much straighter and sleeker appearance. This is the right option for hair that is overly curly and overly voluminous. The treatment will reduce the volume and make hair far easier to manage. A keratin treatment would not be recommended for use on hair that is already straight or particularly fine or thin as it tends to further reduce the volume.


If your aim is to keep volume and movement whilst making the hair frizz-free and more manageable, then a Brazilian Blowout may be a more suitable choice. This treatment performs well with fine to medium texture, and some slight waves or curls. Brazilian Blowout can also be suitable for transitioning hair textures if a keratin treatment, relaxers, or Japanese straightening treatment has been applied previously.

2. Procedure

Both treatments start with preparing the hair by shampooing with a clarifying shampoo followed by a towel dry.


Keratin treatment: The hair is shampooed using a clarifying shampoo, towel dried and then blow dried thoroughly until completely dry. The product is applied section by section and evenly distributed throughout the hair. The hair is then blow dried again, and flat ironed, at 450 F setting. The product should then remain on the hair for 24 hours before washing it out at home.


Brazilian Blowout: The hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo and lightly towel dried to allow some moisture to remain. The product is then carefully applied to sections of hair. The hair is then blow dried and straightened using a straightening iron set at 450 degrees. The hair is then rinsed thoroughly to remove product and apply a deep conditioning masque. Finally, your hair will be blow dried again to achieve the final result.

3. Results on Different Types of Hair


Following a keratin treatment hair will have a much smoother, straighter appearance and reduced volume. The frizz is eliminated from your hair for up to 5 months.


After a Brazilian Blowout treatment hair will be frizz-free, but as this is a “lighter” option compared to keratin treatment it will be less straight and sleek. The wavy hair will be straighter with much of natural wave and body. The curly hair will retain its natural curls, but they will be softer, frizz-free, and easier to control. Styling the hair with straightening irons or blow drying it straight will be easier and produce better results than before.


Both treatments are customizable depending on the desired results, although the Brazilian Blowout is the most flexible. By adjusting the amount of product applied to the hair as well as the level of heat, the results can be tailored to suit the individual’s requirements.

4. Convenience


The Brazilian blowout is a more convenient option because the results are almost instant. 


After a keratin treatment there are certain precautions that must be adhered to including 24-hour waiting period, to ensure the treatment works successfully. You are requested to leave the salon by keeping the product in your hair and to rinse it after 24 hours. You also should avoid sweating, tying hair back, tucking the hair behind ears, or any style that may cause a kink to develop in the hair.


Brazilian blowout treatment is complete when you leave the salon and your results are visible right after the service. Your hair can be washed that same day, and you can also freely style your hair. The restrictions associated with the keratin treatments do not apply to a Brazilian Blowout.

How They Are The Same

While both treatments make hair appear straighter, neither of these treatments is permanent such as Japanese straightening treatments or hair relaxers which are known to permanently alter the structure of the hair.


What both Treatments Have in Common Both treatments create protein layer around the hair shaft which smoothes the cuticle and makes the hair look more beautiful.


Both smoothing treatments help fight humidity, create reflective shine, and improve hair manageability. They also cut down the time needed for everyday styling.


With both treatments you will be exposed to some level of hazardous chemicals (formaldehyde or other aldehydes) during heat application.


With either treatment you need to wash hair less frequently to prevent washing out the treatments from hair.


You also need to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to maintain the results longer. 

You want to avoid sodium chloride and chlorine as much as possible,  rinse right after.

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